The Christians

Photo Credits: Tanya Izadora Photography and Dangerpants Photography

October 2019

By Lucas Hnath

Directed by Leah Adcock-Starr

Starring Sunam Ellis, Mark Fullerton, Pilar O'Connell, Fune Tautala, and Evan Whitfield

Designed by Rachel Bennick, Ahren Buhmann, Jocelyne Fowler, and Nathan Schilz

"This 'Christians' has a warm, beating heart...Ellis speaks her words with deep, dignified sorrow...softly heartbreaking" — The Seattle Times

"Masterful...Disarming...Tautly directed...Each actor does lovely work." — Seattle Gay News

"Engaging...Skillfully directed." — Seattle Spotlight

Language Rooms

Photo Credits: Jessica Fern Photography

Spring 2019

By Yussef El Guindi

Directed by Brendan Healy

Assistant Director: Kathryn Stewart

"Harrowing...rewarding...funny"  —The Seattle Times

"The script in Language Rooms is great. And so is Pony World's Production." — NWTheatre


"Charmingly funny and ultimately heartbreaking"  —Drama In the


Starring Lowell Deo, Hisam Goueli, Abhijeet Rane, and George Sayah.

Designed by D.R. Amromin, Dan Garlington, Sann Hall, Michael Notestine, and Amber Parker. With Annie & Justin Duffiance. 


American Archipelago

Photo Credits: Julia Nardin & Annie Duffiance. Poster by K Brian Neel

July 2017

Directed by Bobbin Ramsey

Script by Holly Arsenault, Kelleen C. Blanchard, Tre Calhoun, Vincent Delaney, Brendan Healy, Maggie Lee, Sara Porkalob, and Seayoung Yim

Designed by Catherine Cornell, Karla Davenport, Michael Notestine, Alex Potter, and Ranleigh Starling, with Justin & Annie Duffiance

Starring Rebecca Goldberg, Kenna Kettrick, John Leith, Corinne Magin, Shermona Mitchell, Craig Peterson, Carter Rodriquez, and Bob Williams

Parliament Square

Photo Credits: Annie Duffiance & DangerPants Photography

Fall 2018

By James Fritz

Directed by Sann Hall

Assistant Director: Carter Rodriquez


Nominated for  Gregory Award for Scenic Design!

"Artfully resurfaces the chilling questions"  —The Seattle Times

"Pulls at your heart and gut"  —




Starring Caitlin Macy-Beckwith, Andrew Shanks, Miranda Antoinette Troutt, Lisa Viertel, and Imani Woodley

Designed by  Erin Bednarz, Ahren Buhmann, Caitlin Krida Cooke, Dan Garlington, Emily Leong, and Lex Marcos with additional fabric art from Mandy Greer. With Justin & Annie Duffiance

Suffering, Inc.

July 2016

Written by Anton Chekhov and Brendan Healy

Directed by Brendan Healy & Jesse Parce

Starring Carrie Cates, J. Martin Dinn, Mark Fullerton, Megan Jackson, Kenna Kettrick, Heather Persinger, and Rudy Roushdi.

Designed by: David Gassner, Brandy Gustin, Emily Leong, Robin Macartney, and Amanda Rae, with Justin & Annie Duffiance

"A Chekhov play with butterfly wings...A truly impressed 4.5 out of 5 stars." -

"Excellent...masterfully understated." - Seattle Times

"transfixing...a gorgeous mix of office-speak, poetry, and understated violence and romance." -The Stranger

"One of the most unexpected, inventive and deranged pieces of theater I've encountered this season...winning...inventively staged by Brendan Healy with Gabrielle Schutz...ingenious." -The Seattle Times

 Fall 2011​


Named one of the seven most memorable plays in the last DECADE by The Seattle Times!

Directed by Brendan Healy & Gabrielle Schutz

Starring: Carrie Cates, Ricky Coates, J. Martin Dinn, David Gassner, Megan Jackson, Adria LaMorticella, and Valerie Mannucci

Designed by Sann Hall

"A joy to drink in...No recent Seattle production of this nature comes to shouldn't be missed."

"I have a special fondness for plays like this, where the acting and directing is excellent; where creativity trumps gimmicks" -The Capitol Hill Times

We Are Proud to Present a Presentation About the Herero of Namibia, Formerly Known as South West Africa, From the German Sudwestafrika, Between the Years 1884 - 1915

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Spring 2015

Directed by David Gassner​

Written by Jackie Sibblies Drury

Designed by Julia Evanovich, Amy LaZerte, and Suzi Tucker

Starring Ricky Coates, Nick Doner, G. To'mas Jones, Alyssa Kay, Jason Sanford, and Dedra Woods

"Director David Gassner and his admirable cast give 'We Are Proud to Present' the visceral power and intensity required to rattle and implicate us." -- The  Seattle Times

"Profound and powerful... Necessary... an especially piercing show for this moment..." --The Stranger

Or, the Whale

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October 2014

Directed by David Gassner

Written by Brendan Healy and K Brian Neel

Starring: Liza Curtiss, Marty Dinn,  Mark Fullerton, Keiko Green, Sann Hall, Heather Persinger, Carter Rodriquez, and Sean Patrick Taylor

Designed by Amy Escobar, Caleb Ruppert, and Emily Sershon, with Justin & Annie Duffiance.

A Compelling, Unknown Force

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June 2013​

Created by Pony World Theatre for On the Boards' 2013 NW New Works Festival 

Directed by Gabrielle Schutz

Big Story Small

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8 classic plays condensed and repackaged into short works by:

Shawn Belyeea, Kelleen Conway Blanchard, Webster Cromwell, Gavin Cummins, Brendan Healy, Scott Herman, Pony World Theatre, and Gabrielle Schutz.

Big Story Small

June 2010

7 Classic plays distilled into tiny packages by Scot Augustson, Emily Conbere, Brendan Healy, Erin Kraft, K Brian Neel, and Gabrielle Schutz. recommended Big Story Small as part of their "can't miss" weekend events.  They also had this to say:

"Pony World is little theatre with a big attitude...We found ourselves appreciating the simmering, subdued delivery of John Kobasic in Death of a Salesman or Pamala Mijatov in Les Liaisons Dangereuses...[A] nuanced transformation of what was into what we had just seen."

Emerald and the Love Song of the Dead Fishermen

August 2009

Presented with Annex Theatre 

By Brendan Healy

Starring: Sann Hall, Megan Jackson, Wonder Russell, Gabrielle Schutz, Sean Patrick Taylor, Jeremy Topping, and Paul Vitulli

Designed by: Julia Evanovich, Pip Gordon, Kevin Heard, and Emily Sershon

"The actors bloom like bioluminescent algae...the set designer flips the bird at every big-budget theater in town." - The Seattle Weekly

"Playwright Brendan Healy uses a healthy dose of whimsy and charm to tackle big themes of loss and love...Healy definitely has a strong theatrical vision...a perfectly lovely example of how much a small theatre can accomplish when they think outside the box." - Seattlest

"Imaginatively ambitious...Healy's plays build stylized worlds that initially resemble ours and then fragment, with odd poetry pouring from their fissures" - The Stranger

"An elegant myth"- Seattle Gay News

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