Sann Hall
Co-Managing Partner

Sann's collaboration with Pony World Theatre began when cast in Emerald and the Love Song of the Dead Fishermen.  She has also appeared in Big Story Small (2012), The Final Tribunal...Dali, and Or, The Whale.  She has designed various aspects in Big Story Small (2010), Suffering, Inc. (2011 Footlight Award), and A Compelling, Unknown Force.  Recently PWT has supported her transition to Production Managing and Directing.  She is the Associate Production Manager at Seattle Repertory Theatre and a puppet enthusiast.

Marty Dinn
Company Member

Marty Dinn joined Pony World Theatre iin 2013, but has worked collaboratively with the founding artists since 2008. Marty performed in Big Story Small, Or, the Whale, Suffering, Inc., and kept the stage (and house) clean of splattered egg in The Final Tribunal into the Mysterious Death of Mister Señor Salvador Dalí. In the past few years, Marty’s work with other groups has focused on building community accountability practices and developing consent-centric culture.

Kenna Kettrick
Company Member

Kenna has been onstage with Pony World Theatre in American Archipelago (Anya) and Suffering, Inc (Anna), and looks forward to playing more roles beginning with the letter A -- including varied administrative duties as a company member. She's also worked with Porkfilled Productions, Copious Love, Seattle Public, Annex, 14/48, and more, and looks forward to expanding that list until she runs away to be a witch on a deserted northwest island. 

Ranleigh Starling
Company Member

Ranleigh Starling is a lighting designer for theatre and dance. Past PWT shows include Suffering Inc. (2016, ALD) and American Archipelago (2017, LD). She joined the company in 2017. She has designed locally for UW, Annex Theatre, and Bellevue School District, and has completed design and production internships at Seattle Repertory Theatre and Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival. Ranleigh is a graduate of Bennington College and currently pursuing an MFA in Design from the University of Washington School of Drama.

Brendan Healy
Co-Managing Partner
& Company Production Manager

Brendan Healy co-founded Pony World Theatre with Juniper Berolzheimer in 2009.  His plays have been produced in several cities across the country. He is a four time finalist and one time recipient of the Heideman Award.  He was part of Seattle Repertory Theatre’s Writers Group from 2013 – 2015. His PWT credits include Suffering, Inc.; The Final Tribunal...Salvador Dali; and co-writer of Or, The Whale with K Brian Neel.

Justin Duffiance
Technical Director

Justin Duffiance has been the resident Technical Director for Pony World Theatre since 2013. He freelances in the Seattle area as a Technical Director, carpenter, electrician, and rental technician. Along with his work with Pony World, Justin is also the Technical Director for Washington Ensemble Theatre and Broadway Bound Children's Theatre. 

Jesse Parce
Company Member

Jesse Parce joined Pony World Theatre in 2013 after his performance in A Compelling, Unknown Force at On The Boards' Northwest New Works Festival.  He assisted directed the 2016 production of Suffering, Inc.  As a cello player, Jesse has performed with L’Orchestre D’Incroyable Seattle Symphony, Music of Remembrance, Emerald City Scene, Seattle Musical Theatre, Skagit Opera, and The Harlequin Hipsters.  

Lisa Viertel
Company Member

Lisa Viertel has been performing in Seattle for over 20 years. Her first Pony World Theatre production was Parliament Square in 2018. In addition to Pony World, Lisa has worked with Book It Repertory Theater, Arts West, Sound Theater Company, Ashland New Plays Festival, Harlequin Productions, Theater Schmeater, Theater Babylon, GreenStage, Cafe Nordo, Annex Theater, Theater22, Tacoma Actors Guild, and 14/48: The Worlds Quickest Theater Festival (Mazen Award Winner), as well as others.