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Auditions for Pony World's 2024 fall production!

Saturday, May 18
Callback May 25 and 26

Pony World Theatre is seeking actors for our upcoming production of EDGAR AND ANNABEL written by Sam Holcroft, directed by Charlotte Peters. This Orwellian, near-future thriller centers on a young couple living double lives under the constant surveillance of an authoritarian state.


Rehearsals will be held at West of Lenin, and will begin in early September (exact date pending cast availability). Performances will be held at 12th Avenue Arts. The tech process begins on October 22nd, and the show runs from November 1 - November 30. This production will feature immersive elements and rotating casting, with some actors playing different roles on different nights (outlined below). 


Actors of all identities and backgrounds are encouraged to submit.


  • Character descriptions 

    • MARIANNE - late 20s to mid 30s (rotating role)

    • NICK - late 20s to mid 30s (rotating role)

    • MILLER - late 40s or older

    • MARC - mid 30s to mid 40s

    • TARA - mid 30s to mid 40s

    • ANTHONY - late 20s to mid 30s (rotating role)

    • CLAIRE - late 20s to mid 30s (rotating role)

  • What they need to prepare for the audition

  • Who will be in the room

    • Charlotte Peters (director); alternating: Lisa Viertel (PWT Company Member; audition reader), Ellie Hughes (PWT Company Member; audition reader), Brendan Healy (PWT Company Member; audition reader)

  • Link to script

  • WoL accessibility information:

    • Most of the auditions will be in the upstairs studio at West of Lenin. You have access needs for which stairs pose a problem, please email and we will make arrangements to suit your needs.

Audition sign-up Google Form:

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