Black Lives Matter

The world as we currently know it needs to be broken, and at Pony World Theatre we believe the right story at the right time can break it. But we have not done the hard work yet. We have been complicit in the systemic racism that has failed our BIPOC colleagues in theatre and the wider world. We acknowledge our white privilege. We state unequivocally that Black Lives Matter. 

We also know that words and stories are not enough.

We will investigate our organization for failings and shortcomings and will tackle these with urgency. We will learn from past mistakes, and when we make mistakes in the future, we will immediately rectify them and learn from them. We will continue to educate ourselves to be more effective in our actions. We will listen and respond to the needs of BIPOC communities. We will hold ourselves accountable and encourage others to hold us to account. 

We will break the world as we know it.