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 Tickets on sale now for American Archipelago!

Playing July 27 - August 12 at 12th Avenue Arts

Thursdays - Saturdays, 8pm

Pay-What-You-Can performances Monday July 31 and Monday August 7

3 Weeks only and seating is limited! Get your tickets now!

Pony World Theatre welcomes you to a quaint little neighborhood called the United States of America. Upscale and working class, where suburban streets wind through packed city blocks, this neighborhood feels like a community - and a powder keg. White picket fences will blur and the American tapestry will start to unravel. Eight nextdoor neighbors from Nashville and New York and Montana and San Francisco will gather at the big block party cookout to grill hotdogs, share recipes, fall in love, murder chickens, and finally tell each other what they think.

American Archipelago is directed by Bobbin Ramsey

Script by Holly Arsenault, Kelleen C. Blanchard, Tre Calhoun, Vincent Delaney, Brendan Healy, Maggie Lee, Sara Porkalob, and Seayoung Yim

Starring Rebecca Goldberg, Kenna Kettrick, John Leith, Corinne Magin, Shermona Mitchell, Craig Peterson, Carter Rodriquez, and Bob Williams